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The 5th Most Spoken Language

Over 274 million french speaking people exist around the world, According to the report of the L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). It ranked 5th most used language and 2nd most learned to date. The study was discussed and reported by the French progress in 2014.
The group further said, that a number of people who spoke french has increased by 7% or 13 million in 2010. Another report said, that 6% increased in people who study french as their second language. The increase in number of learner’s is from Africa, which used French as the lingua franca. That is why in Africa French teachers is needed, otherwise, the target will unlikely to meet. Read more here.
French language is use for international and political medium in the United Nation. French ranked third as the most used global language, after English and Chinese, and second to most business language in all European area. In internet, French user has been increasing in number. It ranks four in internet user abundantly, and third most used in blogs. And remains one of the strongest influence destination of study as far as student is concerned.
French is likely a global language other than english, for it is used of at least five continents. This official language is not only focussing in Europe, but also in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and French Polynesia.
Easy To Learn Language
French is considered as one of the easiest language to learn to all english user. A second in place to spanish which has a simple grammar, and beside, english has more common vocabulary with french rather than spanish. When in fact, the number of french user is growing rapidly, and most of which is growingly come from Africa. Generally spoken alongside indigenous language, French is the official language in 29 African countries. Click on this link for more info:
A Fun To Learn Language
French is not a difficult to learn language, in contrast to some belief. Subtlety capable to express, this language also needs certain precision, and it does not take long to learn. Studying French is somewhat enjoyable to students, it appeals also to be like because of its soft, melodious and romantic tone of language.
High Standard of Teaching
High expectation to most teachers are renowned of their dynamic and inventive approach in teaching French. Due to high reputation of excellence, proficient and motivated students tends to attain high standard of learning. In today’s globalised world, speaking French plays a major role in preserving linguistic diversity and avoid exclusive domination. Learn more about French language here on this link:

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